Reaping The Tax Benefits of 6 Charitable Contributions This Holiday Season

Posted by Stacey L. Schroeffel, CPA, MST on Nov 26, 2018 9:25:45 PM

Every holiday season we get into the holiday spirit, this means giving not only to our friends and family but to charities as well. Often times these donations are made in a moments notice. This year, however, a little extra planning and organization may help you this upcoming tax season.

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Tis the season for Giving | Deductible vs. Nondeductible Contributions and their limits.

Posted by Julia E. Backa, MSBM on Dec 18, 2017 8:31:00 PM

Not everyone thinks the holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. The Huffington Post, CBS News, Harvard Medical School, HealthLine, etc. all have articles regarding the causes, and tips for coping with the holiday blues. Stress caused by finances, lack of time, and high expectations is mentioned as a frequent contributing factor. To cope a few sources recommend starting a new tradition involving volunteering and making charitable contributions. Perhaps this is because both volunteering and donating to charity have been found to increase happiness.

To do our part in spreading holiday cheer, we not only want to join the bandwagon in encouraging others to donate and volunteer, we want to help those that do, better understand the ins and outs of deductible vs. nondeductible contributions and the limitations on charitable contributions.

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